2014 Video Trends and Must see Sporting Events

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The lastest topics featured on the website and shared with Visual Culture’s newletter subscribers include 2014’s emerging video trends which companies should be on the lookout for, as well as the huge sporting events of 2014 and the way video has been and will continue to be used as an impulsive tool for broadening awareness and sharing these events in the way viewers hope to see them.

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Anthony Hopkins praises Breaking Bad performances

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is one lucky actor, experiencing a one in a life time praise for his work by Oscar Winner Anthony Hopkins.

Hopkins publicist has confirmed that the Oscar winner sent Cranston an emailed letter applauding his performance in Breaking Bad, explaining it to be the best acting he has seen after watching all six seasons of the series recently.

To read the 75-year-old’s letter which also shares similar praise to the rest of the Breaking Bad cast check out the XXIV article.

2011’s Paranoid Thriller ‘Limitless’ to become a new TV series.

Deadline, Variety and Indiewire have all reported the newest addition to the rising trend of adapting big screen features to TV series’, with the latest addition; Relativity Television‘s partnership with Bradley Cooper and Georgeville TV to adapt 2011’s Limitless.

For those who may have forgotten, the film directed by Neil Burger followed Eddie (played by Cooper) a struggling writer who takes an illegal drug that gives him access to his brain’s full potential allowing him to evolve into the perfect version of himself, which consequently draws the wrong attention.

To find out more about the series adaptation which Cooper is also producing, alongside other films adapting themselves to the series trend, check out the XXIV article.

Netflix credited for Breaking Bad’s Emmy win by creator Vince Gilligan!

While surrounded by his crew on stage after their Emmy’s win for Best Drama, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan shared his appreciation for one online streaming source in particular which he believes kept the show alive.

To find out what Gilligan had to say about Netflix and the show alongside lead actor Bryan Cranston check out the XXIV article.

Dexter’s Final Season!

As one of the most successful TV dramas comes to a close, EW got up close and personal with the producers and actors behind the favourite killer series Dexter to talk about the eighth and final season of the show and what viewers can expect from the season finale.

Today’s Luna article shares some insight as to what we can expect from the new season, which includes the return of one of my favourite leading ladies!

Read the article via the XXIV website.

Hurwitz reveals Arrested Development Season 4 plot details

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Before I get to my post I must say that I think this year will be a good one for the movies, Life of Pi was pretty amazing I must say, and to not spoil anything, it is one of those films that you keep thinking about after you finish watching so it’s definitely one to check out, and Hitchcock comes out today so I’ll be looking up session times after this!

Now to the post…

Luna Magazine is back and posting more Film and TV news after the new year, and my post today focused on news circulating about Netflix’s upcoming release of Season 4 of Arrested Development this May.

Happy New Year everyone.