L’Oreal’s Get The Look

Providing written article how to guides for all trending makeup and hair style lovers the new L’Oreal inspired Get The Look Australia website is one not be missed.

Offering the latest guides and advise to recreate the most elegant looks of Hollywood’s elite the wesbite is worth a read through and a great place to visit when deciding what type of look you would like to have or recreate for your next event.

Check out a few of my articles for the website.
: Two-tone textures
: Bed Hair
: Halo Braid


2014 Video Trends and Must see Sporting Events

Visual Culture Advice and Resources Blog’s provides insight into the lastest topics, events and trends in the video industry.

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The lastest topics featured on the website and shared with Visual Culture’s newletter subscribers include 2014’s emerging video trends which companies should be on the lookout for, as well as the huge sporting events of 2014 and the way video has been and will continue to be used as an impulsive tool for broadening awareness and sharing these events in the way viewers hope to see them.

Be sure to read and keep up to date with the latest news via the Advice and Resources page on the Visual Culture Website.

What’s next for Josh Brookes?

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Writing up a bio for Josh Brookes which is live on his facebook page has confirmed two things.

First his motivation and love for music which has seen him progress and move forward after loosing out on the X Factor, and second his modesty and loyalty to the industry and the individuals who represent musical creation as shown in his efforts to keep an open mind and explore alternative music scenes alongside working with producer and DJ Henry Skillz.

To read the bio be sure to view Josh’s Facebook page.

Jason Statham replacing Daniel Craig in Viva La Madness

Replacing Daniel Craig in the role that saw him fit to be James Bond is Jason Statham who will play the lead in the Layer Cake sequel titled Viva La Madness.

To find out more about the small crime thriller which secured great reviews and gained a great deal of traction be sure to check out the XXIV Article, this was my last for XXIV Magazine.

Melbourne’s Fitzroy Shop Ramen

As I began writing for Melbourne Interior Design and Lifestyle online magazine Home Journal lately I have began interviewing some great Australian designers both professional and DIY individuals.

This post shares the story of Pat Breen who owns Shop Ramen in Fitzroy and is running a kitchen for the very first time as a home cook.


Hope you enjoy the read.

There will be more design articles to come!

Anthony Hopkins praises Breaking Bad performances

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is one lucky actor, experiencing a one in a life time praise for his work by Oscar Winner Anthony Hopkins.

Hopkins publicist has confirmed that the Oscar winner sent Cranston an emailed letter applauding his performance in Breaking Bad, explaining it to be the best acting he has seen after watching all six seasons of the series recently.

To read the 75-year-old’s letter which also shares similar praise to the rest of the Breaking Bad cast check out the XXIV article.